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18 Nov 2017 description

1. Population under Surveillance and Reporting Units

During epidemiological week 45 (5-11 November 2017), there was a 3% increase in the population1 under surveillance compared to the previous epidemiological week (806,100 and 830,312 respectively). A total of 375 daily EWARS forms were received on time during epidemiological week 45.
Kutupalong makeshift camp population increased by 2% (437,633 vs 431,000) due to the ongoing relocation of FDMNs from other settlements, while the remaining camp populations remained more or less stable.

14 Nov 2017 description


1.1 Severe acute malnutrition in Bangladesh

Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is an important cause of death in children. SAM affects nearly 20 million pre-school age children, mostly from African and South East Asian region. Malnutrition contributes 8 million deaths in children under five years of age worldwide (WHO 2013). Overall risk of death among children with SAM is 9 times more that of well-nourished children (2).

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13 Nov 2014 description
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