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26 Apr 2018 description

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 26 April 2018

The Emergency Management Office of the Government of Cook Islands in partnership with the Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT) today launched the Country Preparedness Package (CPP) for the Cook Islands. The CPP is intended to strengthen preparedness and collaboration between national and international actors in disaster preparedness and response.

07 Oct 2017 description

Rarotonga is now on Level 3 Water Warning for drought and all residents are requested to cooperate with the Drought Management Plan actions in order to conserve the available water supply. Level 1 is normal and Level 5 is a severe emergency.

19 Feb 2015 description

Outbreak description:

• Dengue-like illness recognized in October 2014. Five cases reported, and 3 tested positive for DENV 1 (2) and DENV 3 (1) by ILM, Tahiti. All three positive cases had travel histories to Tahiti and Samoa. No further transmissions of DENV.

• Since November 2014 a total of 16 specimens were sent to ILM Tahiti. Seven (7) came back positive for Chikungunya and the rest negative for either Zika or Dengue. Four of these cases had travel history to Tahiti and Samoa. Three were autochthonous.