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07 Oct 2017 description

Rarotonga is now on Level 3 Water Warning for drought and all residents are requested to cooperate with the Drought Management Plan actions in order to conserve the available water supply. Level 1 is normal and Level 5 is a severe emergency.

19 Feb 2015 description

Outbreak description:

• Dengue-like illness recognized in October 2014. Five cases reported, and 3 tested positive for DENV 1 (2) and DENV 3 (1) by ILM, Tahiti. All three positive cases had travel histories to Tahiti and Samoa. No further transmissions of DENV.

• Since November 2014 a total of 16 specimens were sent to ILM Tahiti. Seven (7) came back positive for Chikungunya and the rest negative for either Zika or Dengue. Four of these cases had travel history to Tahiti and Samoa. Three were autochthonous.

17 Feb 2015 description

The issue highlights Shell cleaning in Manihiki, GIZ – SRIC CC Partnership - The project aims to repair community water tanks to harvest and store rainwater which will provide additional water capacity on each of these islands, 50 days for 50 years cycle/walk initiative - This will encourage our people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, lose weight and save on petrol money whilst at the same time reducing our greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere to which Cook Islands is the highest emitter in the Pacific per capita, Way to Paris - The upcoming meeting in Paris at the end of this year is …