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03 Sep 2017 description
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Since November 2014, Israel has allowed limited sale of Gaza-grown and produced goods in the West Bank. Since March 2015, Israel has also allowed an even smaller number of products from Gaza to be sold in Israel. From 2007-2014, only export abroad had been permitted. The monthly average number of truckloads of goods exiting Gaza to all destinations in the first half of 2017 was about 25 percent of the monthly average in 2007, before the closure was imposed.

17 Aug 2017 description
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August 17, 2017. Rafah Crossing, between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, was opened yesterday for travel in both directions. About 30,000 people who meet Egypt’s criteria for exiting Gaza are currently on the waiting list for travel. The notice issued by the Palestinian Crossings Authority indicates that the crossing is expected to remain open for only two days. Earlier this week, the crossing was opened to allow Gaza residents on pilgrimage to Mecca to travel through Egypt to Saudi Arabia. Some 3,000 individuals were expected to cross through Rafah for this purpose.

09 Aug 2017 description
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August 8, 2017. Today, five months have passed since the last time Rafah Crossing was opened to people exiting from the Gaza Strip. This is the longest stretch of time during which the crossing was consecutively closed since 2007.

07 Aug 2017 description
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By: Julie Webb-Pullman

The bowing of Israeli occupation authorities to the request of the Palestinian Authority to further reduce energy supplies does not exonerate them.

09 Jul 2017 description
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July 9, 2017. The electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip has reached a dangerous all-time-low: On top of reductions to the volume of electricity sold and provided to Gaza by Israel, the supply lines from Egypt are out of commission following violent clashes in the Rafah area. Entrance of fuel from Egypt, intended for Gaza’s power plant, has stopped.

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