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28 Apr 2014 description

Section One: Focus Countries re


Women Seek Education

16 Apr 2014 description

Our disaster relief team is working hard to help Syrians displaced within the borders of their own country. Mike Parks, GHNI’s Director of Disaster Relief, shares the following realities with us.

Boy does his homework on his mother’s tomb

The harsh and complex civil war in Syria continues. Even as there are talks going on in Geneva, millions of Syrians are suffering and a nation is being torn apart at its foundation.

24 Mar 2014 description

Working with the Afghanistan government to build a school for Sheldon Village, the GHNI-Afghanistan and the village children are anxiously awaiting its completion. With spring and better weather around the corner, all are filled with hope. Here’s the latest on the school’s construction. Posted by Bethany on March 24th, 2014

Sheldon Village*, Afghanistan

“Work on the school in central Afghanistan has been progressing well, although at a slower pace. It has not been without its problems, but overall the progress has been good.

02 Feb 2014 description

From the desk of GHNI’s Jeff Power, who has walked closely alongside the community of Gambella, Kenya, in their five year journey with Transformational Community Development (TCD). Jeff gladly shares this account of love, loss, and triumph in Kenya!

Attir, Kenya

We’ve all heard the powerful expression, “Love your neighbor.” It’s not ultimately a religious or philosophical statement, but rather a statement of need – it’s what NEEDS to happen to change the world.

30 Dec 2013 description


There is no end in sight for the Syrian Refugees in Jordan. The GHNI team in Jordan has shared story after story of heartbreak.

According to the Jordan Times there are now over 600,000 Syrian Refugees in Jordan. These numbers began in March of 2011 and started a never-ending flow into Jordan. The Jordan team hosted five partner trip teams in October. They helped work with many Syrian families by giving out food boxes, wheelchairs, clothes, blankets and heaters in preparation for winter. A trip team member shared his experience: