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Hydrological and meteorological (hydromet) data collection and analysis in Afghanistan started in the late 1940s and mid-1950s, respectively. The hydrometric network expanded rapidly in the 1960s and 1970s, reaching a peak of 150 in 1980, and the meteorological network had a similar trajectory. Two decades of war, however, brought instability and insecurity that reduced public resources, capacities, collaboration, and coordination.

18 Dec 2018 description

The objective of this report is to make recommendations for the Government of Belize (GoB) for the formulation of a country-specific comprehensive disaster risk finance (DRF) strategy, based on the assessment of the legislative, financial management, fiscal, and insurance market environment in Belize. This report is envisioned to be used as a planning tool for the potential development of a comprehensive DRF strategy that would equip the Ministry of Finance (MoF) with information and instruments to manage contingent liabilities posed by disasters.

14 Dec 2018 description


Though it may be a part of history, the past can also be very much at risk. On August 24, 2016, we were forcefully reminded of this, when a magnitude-6.8 earthquake shook Myanmar, its people, and its cultural heritage. The Bagan Cultural Heritage Site saw the earthquake damage more than 350 monuments, and put our country on notice: we must act to safeguard our cultural heritage and the people inextricably linked to it.

13 Dec 2018 description


Two official responses have been received to the joint letter from the Ministries of Finance of Barbados and the Philippines seeking support from donor countries and bodies; from Sweden (Nov 16) and New Zealand (Dec 10), both are available on request. No other countries have formally responded to the twenty-two letters sent in August.

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