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08 Oct 2018 description
report GFDRR

Executive Summary

This report is the fourth (and last) of a series of reports produced for the fulfilment of the deliverables of the MOVER (Multi-Hazard Open Vulnerability Platform for Evaluating Risk) project. It follows the “MOVER Inception Report”, the “GFDRR-DFID Challenge Fund Expert Workshop -Feedback Report” and “MOVER – Level 2 Data schemas for Physical and Social Vulnerability Indicators, Indices, and Functions Report”.

03 Oct 2018 description

Introduction: Restoring the Transport Sector after a Disaster

26 Sep 2018 description
report GFDRR

- Extreme weather is fast becoming the new normal for the Balkans.
- Governments are turning to innovative technologies to better understand risk.
- Countries in the Balkans are sharing real-time hydro meteorological data and forecasts to provide critical early flood warnings. Serbia is using LiDAR analysis to guide risk-reduction efforts for communities and inform investments in strategic infrastructure.

20 Sep 2018 description
report World Bank, GFDRR

Governments now have access to a large and growing range of financing instruments for rapidly mobilizing funds in the aftermath of a disaster. Instruments like reserve funds, contingent lines of credit, and insurance programs are critical for financing relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts, and they have a demonstrated impact on the ability of governments to manage large-scale disasters.

03 Sep 2018 description


The Guidance note and associated TORs for Scoping Processes have been updated and shortened for use by countries. All public GPP documents are available on the ‘Agenda for Humanity’ (A4H) website, in the initiatives section -

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