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The Global Cluster for Early Recovery (GCER) leads global and interagency efforts to establish and maintain standards and policy, build response capacity and operational support. The Global Cluster for Early Recovery has ensured appropriate integration of early recovery in updated IASC guidance, including on the Humanitarian Programme Cycle and Cluster Coordination. The GCER supported the mainstreaming and integration of the early recovery approach at the Country Level through the provision of strategic and coordination support to the Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs), Resident Coordinators (RCs), Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) and Cluster Lead Agencies (CLAs).

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13 Sep 2018 description

As a Cluster Lead Agency, UNDP has commissioned an independent prospective evaluation on the scope of the Global Cluster for Early Recovery (GCER) at global level and on the work of the Early Recovery clusters/sectors in countries where clusters/sectors were formally activated by the IASC. The purpose of the evaluation was two-fold: firstly, to evaluate the overall effectiveness of GCER coordination, and secondly to support UNDP’s consideration of the most appropriate way to support Early Recovery in the future.

05 Sep 2018 description

This guidance/tip sheet is elaborated as a follow up to the Principal’s decision on improving HRP costing in July 2017. This is a living document that will be updated as more knowledge and experience of costing is gathered. In particular, the cluster-specific guidance part will be updated whenever relevant information is provided by the GCCs.


27 Aug 2018 description

Appui à la participation des jeunes dans le processus de Stabilisation et de réconciliation des communautés et à la promotion de la paix. (Projet conjoint Ezingo 2)

•Financé par le PNUD à hauteur de 75.085 dollars.
•Partenaire d’exécution : Organisation des Jeunes pour l’Education et le Développement (ONG OJED) •Zone d’exécution du projet : Sous Préfecture de Bossangoa, Communes de Bossangoa Centre et de Benzambé.

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