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11 Aug 2017 description

The following is a press release (408.34 kB) signed by 35 INGO's working in the Central African Republic

Bangui, August 11th 2017

Following the escalation of violence in many parts of the country, NGOs signatories, members of the INGO Coordination Committee (CCO) in the Central African Republic (CAR) call for an increased protection of civilians and an improved humanitarian access to allow the affected population access to vital aid.

As NGOs working across CAR, we witness the impact of violence on the civilian population on a daily basis:

02 Dec 2016 description

Executive summary

This in-depth investigation of the use of drones in humanitarian crises is the first of its kind to determine if, how, and under what circumstances drones can add value to humanitarian operations in disaster areas. The most promising uses of drones include:

• Mapping
• Delivering lightweight essential items to remote or hard-to-access locations
• Supporting damage assessments
• Increasing situational awareness
• Monitoring changes

08 Nov 2016 description

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Ecuador on 16 April 2016, causing over 660 deaths, thousands of injuries and widespread destruction across the north-west part of the country. The most severe damage was concentrated in the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas along the northern coastline. In response, the Ecuadorian Army and AeroVison carried out missions every day, using drones to assess the level of damage in cities and towns and producing maps to determine priority areas of intervention to support shelter reconstruction.


04 Nov 2016 description

In April 2016, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck north-west Ecuador, damaging homes, buildings and infrastructure and killing more than 660 people. Thousands of buildings and homes were damaged or destroyed, as well as other infrastructure such as roadways and bridges.


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02 Jun 2017 description
job Closing date: 31 Oct 2017 Swiss Foundation for Mine Action

FSD is an international foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Since 1997, this private, independent organisation has implemented a large number of humanitarian projects in 24 different countries. FSD's focus is on locating and eliminating explosive, chemical and toxic waste in post-war scenarios, in order to prevent accidents and thus creating favorable conditions for the reconstruction and development for the inhabitants. FSD further engages into specific programs for recovery, stabilisation and armed violence reduction.