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27 Nov 2018 description

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Evidence coming from research and evaluation can help you understand what works, where, why and for whom. It can also tell you what does not work, and help you avoid repeating the failures of others by learning from evaluations of unsuccessful humanitarian programmes. Evidence can also guide the design of the most effective ways to deliver specific interventions.


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16 Apr 2019 description
training Registration deadline: 17 Jun 2019 Training date: 26 Jun 2019 Evidence Aid

Course Outline: Amidst the death, devastation and injury of a disaster or other major crises, those providing humanitarian assistance need to be confident that they are using the best available evidence when making decisions and delivering their response. The affected people and communities deserve nothing less, but it is not always easy. The good news is that it can be made easier, more relevant and more reliable by following evidence-based practices that have become standard in more ordinary circumstances in rich countries.