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02 Sep 2017 description
report EurasiaNet

by Stephen M. Bland

At 7 AM on a recent Monday morning, the staff of the HALO Trust gathered at their compound in Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh. This summer, tension has been running high amid frequent exchanges of gunfire along the line of contact separating Armenian and Azerbaijani forces.

25 May 2017 description
report EurasiaNet

Rafat Aimuratov is on a crusade to save Muynak.

The former bustling fisheries hub in western Uzbekistan is ground zero in what is widely acknowledged to be among the worst environmental disasters of the past century. Decades of intensive water-hungry cotton farming sapped the rivers filling the Aral Sea and left Muynak high and dry, dozens of kilometers from the shore.

If the town is to survive, believes Aimuratov, an ecologist, it will need to find new ways forward. That is now his life’s mission.

05 May 2017 description
report EurasiaNet

From a vantage point upon a hill, the recovery workers in the southern Kyrgyzstan settlement of Ayuu looked like burrowing ants. Beneath them lay the bodies of 24 people — some only toddlers — buried by a landslide big enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool 100 times over.

02 May 2017 description
report EurasiaNet

By Aktan Rysaliev

An especially harrowing season of flooding in Kazakhstan has displaced thousands and wrought widespread damage. The disaster response effort to date has been marked by public complaints and official recriminations.

23 Apr 2017 description
report EurasiaNet

April 21, 2017 - 10:11am, by Aktan Rysaliev

Areas of northern and central Kazakhstan has been hit by intense floods caused by heavy rainfall and overflowing rivers, forcing thousands to flee their homes.

The crisis began unfolding on April 11 with the outbreak of intense downfalls. Rivers bursting their banks have barred roads in several northern regions of the country, including around the capital, Astana.

A detailed account of the crisis has been provided by Sputnik news agency.