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25 Sep 2017 description
report European Union

On 25 September, the Council adopted a **regulation establishing a European fund for sustainable development (EFSD)**. The fund will be setup on 28 September.   

The EFSD is the main instrument for the implementation of the European external investment plan (EIP) which **supports investments in African and neighbourhood countries**. The main objective of the plan is to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 through **boosting jobs and growth, while addressing the root causes of migration.**

25 Sep 2017 description
report European Union

In August, there were approximately 12 200 detections of illegal border crossings on the four main migratory routes into the EU as the number of migrants arriving in Italy fell by almost two-thirds from the previous month. Meanwhile, Spain continued to see the heavy migratory pressure.

The total number of detections on the four main migratory routes in the first eight months of 2017 fell by two-thirds from the same period of last year to approximately 142 700.

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25 Sep 2017 description
report European Union

During September EU NAVFOR’s Serbian Marines have been embarked on the World Food Programme (WFP) MV Esbjerg, to protect it from pirate attack as it sails along the Somali coast.

This highly capable team is known as an Autonomous Vessel Protection Detachment (AVPD) by EU NAVFOR. They are on a current deployment to Operation Atalanta protecting vital food aid between the ports of Djibouti, Mogadishu, and Mombasa. During their deployment, the Serbian marines are helping to deliver over 10,000 tonnes of food relief to the people of Somalia aboard WFP MV Esbjerg.

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30 Mar 2017 description
training Ongoing course European Union

HOPES - Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians

HOPES is launching the Call for Proposals (CfP) to support 40 innovative education initiatives targeting refugees and vulnerable host communities across Egypt, Northern Iraq (KRI), Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and/or Syria.

Specific Objectives: