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22 Sep 2018 description

Situation Overview

An estimated 7.7 million people across Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states of Nigeria are in need of lifesaving assistance as a result of years of ongoing violence in the North-East of the country.

With telecommunications infrastructure having been severely damaged by the conflict, provision and restoration of communications services are required to support the response community.

22 Sep 2018 description

Since its activation in November 2016, the Emergency Telecommunications Sector has been providing shared communications services to humanitarians in North-East Nigeria. These services enable a more efficient and safer humanitarian response in areas with limited or unavailable services from local communications service providers.

16 Sep 2018 description


• The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Coordinator conducted a mission to Aden to assess the ICT needs of the humanitarian community ahead of activating a new ETC hub in that location.

• The ETC has recruited a second IT assistant to be based in the UN Common Accommodation Facility (UNCAF) in Sana’a to cope with the increasing demand for ETC Internet connectivity services and support.

11 Sep 2018 description


  • The Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS) concluded the assessment mission to gather the technical requirements of the hybrid power solution for the ETS infrastructure and services deployed in North-East Nigeria.

  • The ETS received a contribution of US$855,000 from the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) to carry out the ETS project until the end of the year.

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