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21 Jun 2018 description

New York, NY- Episcopal Relief & Development and the humanitarian arm of the Episcopal Church of Liberia (ECL-RD) celebrated the three-year achievements of their program that engages faith leaders to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls in Liberia at a forum in Monrovia on Thursday, June 21.

07 Jun 2018 description

Episcopal Relief & Development is working with the Episcopal Diocese of Guatemala to respond to the needs of those impacted by the Fuego volcano. Currently, the Diocese of Guatemala is providing food, water and shelter and working with the organization on planning for additional needs.

The powerful volcano erupted for more than 16 hours on Sunday, releasing flows of ash, mud and rocks that buried entire villages. At least 75 people were killed and more than 192 people are reported missing.

02 May 2018 description

Ongoing civil unrest continues across 10 provinces around the country, causing an increase in the number of people displaced and contributing to the loss of human life and property.

Complicating the situation, approximately 1.8 million displaced people have started returning to their homes, including some 1.4 million in the Kasai province, where they are faced with abandoned services and destroyed infrastructure, including their homes.

16 Apr 2018 description

Ten water tanks and clean water for drinking and other domestic use are being distributed to nine primary schools and one group home for children in the Western Cape Province. This province is located in the southernmost region of the country and includes the city of Cape Town. Water tanks have been sourced and companies have been identified to supply water to fill the tanks.

26 Mar 2018 description

Episcopal Relief & Development is working with the Anglican Alliance and the the Diocese of Fianarantsoa to provide critical emergency support in Madagascar after the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Ava in early January.

The island was hit by torrential rains, floods and mudslides which destroyed dozens of homes and farms. Over 50 deaths were reported and more than 17,000 people were displaced.