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05 Nov 2018 description

Pauline Veron and Andrew Sherriff, ECDPM report, November 2018

What are the significant and recurrent factors that influence support to peacebuilding in Europe? And how will these impact the engagement of the peacebuilding community in the years to come?

This report on the changing nature of support to peacebuilding in Europe is the result of 1,5 years of research carried out by ECDPM.

11 Jun 2018 description

On 3 June, a boat packed with over 180 migrants sank off the Tunisian coast, near the island of Kerkennah, causing the tragic death of at least 100 persons. The accident probably represents Tunisia’s deadliest migrant shipwreck and brings again to the fore the upsurge of irregular migration from the country – also known as el-harga in Tunisian.

With the exception of the massive irregular influx into Europe of more than 28,000 Tunisians at the wake of the revolution, Tunisian arrivals in Italy decreased substantially between 2012 and 2016 as border controls were restored.

03 Mar 2018 description

Legal migration is often noted as one of the ways to counter smuggling and irregular migration. With the European Commission’s recent political roadmap for a sustainable migration policy pathways for legal economic migration seem to emerge from oblivion. The article highlights a number of issues with regards to the EU’s legal migration agenda.

Legal channels recognised as way to reduce irregular migration