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15 Aug 2018 description

This paper explores the building of sustainable resilience for food security and livelihood dynamics using the Ethiopia Rural Household Survey panel data. Household resilience scores are derived from measures taken to protect against shocks. The impact of several demographic and socio-economic factors on resilience dynamics is then tested. This paper shows that the experience of resilience in the past leads to a subsequent higher chance of continuing to be resilient (‘true state-dependence’).

09 Jul 2018 description

New World Atlas of Desertification shows unprecedented pressure on the planet's natural resources

On 21 June 2018, the JRC published a new edition of the World Atlas of Desertification, offering a tool for decision makers to improve local responses to soil loss and land degradation.

The Atlas provides the first comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of land degradation at a global level and highlights the urgency to adopt corrective measures.

25 Jun 2018 description

Today the European Commission and the International Organization for Migration launch the Big Data for Migration Alliance (BD4M), a global initiative to unlock the potential of big data sources and provide valuable insights related to migration.

One of the main challenges to effective migration policies is working with traditional statistics, including census data that can often be outdated.

16 Apr 2018 description

Executive summary

Flooding is a natural disaster that can damage large areas in the vicinity of rivers, and in the case of flash floods, also in the vicinity of smaller streams. The Global Risks Report 2017 (1) lists extreme weather events, of which flooding is the main risk in most countries, as the risk with the second highest potential impact and the highest likelihood of occurrence. It furthermore seems likely that climate change will aggravate flood impacts in many regions.

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