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17 Aug 2018 description
report European Commission

Afghanistan and its people are once again victims of violence that over the past days has claimed many lives, particularly civilian.

The humanitarian situation and level of civilian casualties following the Taliban's attack on Ghazni city have brought even greater hardship on the Afghan people, with deliberate killings of civilians, destruction, burning and looting of public property.

03 Aug 2018 description
report European Commission

Bruxelles, le 2 août 2018

L'Asie du Sud-Est se préparant à faire face à la période annuelle des moussons et à ses effets potentiellement dévastateurs, la Commission européenne a débloqué 6 millions d'euros pour des mesures de préparation aux catastrophes dans la région.

Cette enveloppe vient s'ajouter aux 7 millions d'euros annoncés en mai pour aider le Bangladesh à intensifier ses mesures de préparation en vue de la saison des pluies.

02 Aug 2018 description
report European Commission

Brussels, 2 August 2018

As Southeast Asia is faced with the yearly monsoon season and its potentially devastating effects, the European Commission has released €6 million for disaster preparedness initiatives in the region.

This funding comes on top of the € 7 million announced in May to support Bangladesh scale up preparedness measures for the rainy season.

25 Jul 2018 description
report European Commission
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Press Release
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Fachsheet: The EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey
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Factsheet: Humanitarian support to refugees in Turkey

European Commission - Press release

Brussels, 25 July 2018

The European Commission has approved a new assistance package worth €400 million, for the education of Syrian refugees in Turkey. This is the first action adopted following the agreement by EU Member States to finance an additional €3 billion for the Facility for Refugees in Turkey.

11 Jul 2018 description
report European Commission

European Commission - Fact Sheet

Brussels, 10 July 2018

Political relations

The EU, together with Somali authorities and international key partners, is engaged in Somalia through an integrated approach based on active diplomacy, support for political change, improving security, development assistance and humanitarian aid.

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