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15 Mar 2019 description
report EastAfrican

Aida Nandutu is one of several women bent over doing laundry in the River Tsuume, which in October 2018 burst its banks, killing her brother alongside 53 other people.

A few metres away from Ms Nandutu, another woman is also bent over fetching water for household use, with her feet dipped in the river. A little farther upstream, children jump from the rocks left exposed after the mudslide to swim, as if they were launching from diving board into a swimming pool.

10 Mar 2019 description
report EastAfrican

In Summary
- The returnees came from Uganda, Ethiopia, Central African Republic and Sudan.
- A peace deal brokered by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development ensured a ceasefire and return of relative peace in October last year.
- Returnees will take six to 12 months under the care of the UN and government but are expected to provide for themselves thereafter.


21 Feb 2019 description
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In Summary
- Away from South Sudan, the refugees are determined to start a new life by learning new skills.


It was a Thursday afternoon like any other; 25-year-old Missmillian Kiden was at home in Kerepi in Eastern Equatorial, South Sudan together with two siblings and her grandmother when their village was attacked in early September 2016.

Her father and mother were in the fields two kilometres away by the time villagers decided to make a run for it across the Ugandan border.

22 Dec 2018 description
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Scientists in Sierra Leone have found fruit-eating bats infected with the deadly Marburg virus, the health ministry said Thursday.

This is the first instance that the haemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola has been detected in West Africa.

According to the statement by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the bats caught in three districts -- Moyamba in the South, Koinadu in the North, and Kono in the East -- tested positive for the Marburg virus.

23 Nov 2018 description
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South Sudan government has said it requires $1.5 billion for a post-conflict recovery plan for 2019.

Humanitarian Affairs minister Hussein Mar Nyout told media in Juba that the return of peace and stability in the war-torn state could see heavy influx of the nearly 3 million South Sudan refugees back home.

He said the money would cater for the needs of the returnees and the suffering populations in rural areas.

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