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22 Jan 2016 description
map EARS

The map presents evapotranspiration in the southern Africa region during the last two months of 2015, relative to the previous 5 year average. It is derived from Meteosat by EARS Earth Environment Monitoring in the Netherlands, a company specialized in satellite data for climate, water and food.

23 Jun 2015 description
map EARS

The 2014-15 growing season drought in southern Botswana

The map presents the relative evapotranspiration (RE) as derived from Meteosat by EARS Earth Environment Monitoring Ltd in Delft, the Netherlands. RE represents crop water use and is proportional to crop yield. In the map red and black colors point to serious water shortages and related yield losses.

30 Apr 2014 description
report EARS

Delft, April 2014

Costs and lack of data are major challenges in de development of agricultural insurance in Africa. These problems have effectively been addressed and solved by EARS Earth Environment Monitoring from Delft, the Netherlands. The company has successfully developed and demonstrated a Meteosat based index insurance system that can provide affordable drought and excessive precipitation insurance to every farmer in Africa. The final technical report has just been published and is now available to interested parties.

14 Mar 2013 description
report EARS

Delft, March 2013

Aiming to serve all African farmers, FESA Micro-insurance is growing fast. But, large scale crop insurance puts special demands. Using automated insurance design and monitoring tools, EARS has developed a geo-information approach to crop insurance. Mapped insurance designs can be provided for the entire region, thus allowing for unrestricted sales. This enhanced capability is also reflected in the offer to develop proof-of-concept, free drought insurance design.

04 Jan 2013 description
map EARS

Data and method Meteosat visual and thermal infrared images have been processed to relative evapotranspiration (RE) for the years 2004 to 2012. Relative evapotranspiration is a measure of plant available water and plant growth. It is the best possible agricultural drought indicator. RE data have been averaged for the months October to December 2012 so as to provide a measure of water availability in the starting phase of the growing season (figure A). The difference evapotranspiration (DE) relative to the previous 8 year is shown in figure B.

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