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13 Apr 2019 description

Giving Myanmar's displaced their land back

The Norwegian Refugee Council and Displacement Solutions have produced the report "Addressing Myanmar's Unsettled Restitution Gap" to advocate and help find ways for displaced people in Myanmar to be able to return home and recover their property and possessions.

10 Apr 2019 description

Displacement Solutions was approached and commissioned by DFID to carry out research on the housing, land and property rights issues arising from the reconstruction process, with an emphasis on the planned relocation aspects thereof. Displacement Solutions undertook a three-person mission to Nepal in November 2018 during which time extensive interviews were carried out, field visits made, and film footage taken for the production of a short documentary film which has since been completed.

30 Mar 2019 description

Learning from the Traditional Ways to Solve Land Disputes in Myanmar

In Myanmar, we're learning more about how village leaders solve land disputes in the traditional way to help inform policy makers on the best ways forward to ensure protection of displaced people.

They say that good boundaries make good neighbours, however it is often difficult to determine where such boundaries lie. In rural Myanmar, disputes over boundaries are often solved through traditional methods, which include engaging the village elders and other customary authorities.

26 Dec 2018 description

A three-person DS team has just completed a research mission to Nepal to examine the legal and policy responses to the 2015 earthquakes that struck the country, causing thousands of deaths and injuries, as well as massive destruction and damage to almost one million homes. DS worked closely with the DFID-supported Durable Solutions Project (http://www.durablesolutionsnepal.org) coordinated by the Czech NGO People in Need to explore what was done right in response to the quakes, and what might be improved in the future.