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07 Feb 2018 description

For the fourth time in four years, seven Dutch aid organisations, united in the Dutch Relief Alliance, join forces to provide aid to displaced families in Iraq and those returning. The organisations have been working together in Iraq since 2015 and for the first time expand their aid to more than 42,000 people in the central and western parts of the country. Paul Wolters of Terre des Hommes: ‘IS seems to have been almost defeated in Iraq, but the humanitarian implications of their terror are still overwhelming.’

06 Feb 2018 description

Health services are severely affected by the civil war inside Syria. Many clinics were damaged and had to close or ran out of medicines or medical equipment required to provide effective services, capacities of health care services was never intended to cope with the needs they are currently observing due to the influx of displaced people.

Needs of displaced people are ranging from lack of food to lack of access to health services to a lack of protection services to provide support to boys or girls that have suffered substantially during the last years.

22 Dec 2017 description

Since the beginning of December Albania has suffered under the most severe rainfalls ever recorded. Almost 5,000 households have suffered flood damage in Albania and around 600 families are still homeless after being forced to evacuate due to the torrential rainfall. Dorcas Albania alerted the START network for this crisis and succeeded in their appeal. 30.000 pounds is made available by the START network to the Albania office to support 1,500 flood affected individuals with a cash support.

10 Oct 2017 description

Recently, Dorcas received approval to start an office in Syria. The registration was necessary to provide humanitarian aid within the country. Najla Chahda, Dorcas country director in Lebanon says: ‘We hope that we are able to better serve the most vulnerable people in the area this way’.