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02 Jun 2017 description
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An Open Letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres

As organizations working to protect the rights of children in armed conflict, we are dismayed by your reported decision to “freeze” any new additions of parties to conflict that commit grave violations of children’s rights to the annexes to your 2017 annual report to the United Nations Security Council on children and armed conflict. We urge you to reconsider, and issue an updated list with your report, including all perpetrators responsible for patterns of grave violations against children in 2016.

16 May 2017 description

Ramallah, May 15, 2017 - Israeli border police shot dead a 16-year-old Palestinian girl on May 7, after the girl allegedly brandished a knife near forces stationed outside of the Old City of Jerusalem in circumstances warranting an impartial investigation.

30 Dec 2016 description

Ramallah, December 23, 2016—Israeli forces and security guards have killed 32 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in 2016. This makes it the deadliest year of the past decade for West Bank children, according to Defense for Children International - Palestine research.

20 Nov 2016 description

Ramallah, November 19, 2016—“I wish I could do it now,” said 24-year-old West Bank resident Basma, of the education she abandoned a decade ago when she married her husband. “I did not feel it earlier, but now I regret it, especially when I help my children do their homework.”

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