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30 Jul 2005 description

We are working on four projects based on the needs of the affected people:

25 Nov 2004 description

Citizens towards Overseas Disaster Emergency (hereafter referred to as CODE) organized the workshop on "Promoting Safer Houses in Community" at the beginning of November in Bam in close cooperation with Housing Foundation.

Nearly a year has passed since the severe earthquake hit Bam in southeastern Iran on December 26, 2003, which caused loss of more than 26,000 lives and more than 90% of buildings.

11 Jul 2003 description

Since an earthquake occurred in Algeria on 23 June 2003, CODE dispatched a staff, who is a leader of Mexican NGO, to assess the situation of the stricken area. He was in Algeria from June 14th to July 7th. He has developed a project to assist children who are victims of the earthquake with local NGO. Since there are so many children, CODE will focus on the children in need. Therefore, the priority is given to the children who need most assistance. CODE will work for 300 children in two months.

27 Jun 2003 description

In the period of the conflict for 23 years, Shomali Plain, where is the north of Kabul, was one of the front lines of the war. Shomali Plain once had fertile land for grape trees, but Taliban burned most grape trees.