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28 Feb 2009 description

Riding through the storms

Many witnessed the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. It was closely watched for its symbolic significance as America after many years of struggle finally swore in their first African American President. We too in our country face challenges with a New Year.

We have been rocked by violence and violent images. Our economy faces many perils. The income and livelihood, particularly in tea, rubber, tourism and those of migrant wages face stagnation and losses.

We have wounds to heal in the North and east of our country.

29 Jan 2009 description

The Humanitarian Community in Sri Lanka Express Grave Concern and seeks a safe corridor for Civilians trapped in Mullaitivu

Heavy fighting between Government forces and the LTTE in the Northern Sri Lankan region of the Vanni has resulted in death and injury to civilians trapped in the area.

31 Oct 2008 description


History of mankind provide us with enough evidence to substantiate the claim that "war is the conduct of politics by other means". In The Republic, Socrates proclaims that" war is derived from causes which are also the causes of almost all the evils in states, private as well as public "

If war is inevitable " it should be conducted with order and a sacred respect for the rights of civilians." observes Immanuel Kant. The humanist philosopher makes another observation "Necessity has no law.

31 Aug 2008 description


It happened long ago, that there were three travellers. They came from diff erent parts and so they were travelling diff erent roads. They walked along their roads until they came to the place where the roads joined. That is where they met each other. It was late. The sun sat on the edge of the sky, at that place where it meets the edge of the land. They decided this was the place where they should sleep out the night. When the night was again the day they would walk again. These men were hungry. They had not eaten for a long while. They hunted.

30 Jun 2008 description


The Ally Of Today May Be The Enemy Of Tomorrow

Alliances formed on the basis of expediency will last only till one of the partners decides that he is the only competent partner while others are lulled in to the soothing illusion of control of the anticipated benefits of their joint enterprise. Therein lies a tale.

In a part of a forest lived a lion named Thunder-Fang, with three counselors, a wolf, a jackal,and a camel, whose names were Meat-Face, Smart, and Spike-Ear.

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