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06 Jun 2018 description

A report of the Cost Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness workshop held on 9-10 April and organized by USAID, IRC and CaLP. The recommendations of the workshop was fed into the Grand Bargain cash workstream.

31 May 2018 description
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Executive Summary

Author: Laura Gordon

This scoping study explores technical and policy issues that are constraining progress towards better measurement and reporting of Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) and addresses these to identify ways forward. The study was developed with the following objectives:

27 May 2018 description

The United States Agency for International Development / Food for Peace (USAID / FFP) supported Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia greatly contributed to the recovery of affected communities and households. The CTP response provided a safety net to assist targeted communities to deal with transient food insecurity and went beyond achieving this objective by also contributing to the recovery of livelihoods eroded by the Ebola crisis.


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04 Sep 2015 description

With the aim of helping the humanitarian sector to improve beneficiary’s data protection, CaLP is now launching in partnership with the UNHCR the course “E – transfer and operationalizing beneficiary data protection”. The purpose of this course is to assist humanitarian practitioners to take the necessary steps to operationalize the protection of beneficiary data in programmes using electronic transfers, or e-transfers.