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23 May 2018 description

This statement is supported by: CAFOD, Christian Aid, Global One, Islamic Relief Worldwide, The Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities, Muslim Charities Forum, The Lutheran World Federation, The Salvation Army International, World Evangelical Alliance, and World Vision

15 May 2018 description

The aid agency CAFOD has expressed horror at the loss of life in Gaza over recent days.

CAFOD's Middle East Country Representative, Mary Lucas, returned recently from Gaza.

She said: "We are deeply distressed by the loss of life in Gaza. People I met there spoke of hopelessness and despair, especially among the young, and they fear what will come next. The protests are intended to claim back dignity and tell the world the people of Gaza will not be forgotten."

11 May 2018 description

A stark warning that South Sudan is “heading towards a scenario of despair” has been issued by the Caritas aid network in the country. Unending violence means millions of people need help just to survive from day to day.

“People are living in constant fear and insecurity, suffering mentally, physically and are starving,” Caritas South Sudan and its partners, which include CAFOD and Trocaire, warned after a meeting this month in the capital, Juba. “In the coming months heavy rains will add to the already untold suffering for the people.”

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17 May 2018 description
job Closing date: 07 Jun 2018 Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

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The International Programme Funding Officer (IPFO) works closely with programme and funding colleagues to develop high-quality programmes and projects that enable CAFOD and its partners to maximise income from institutional donors and the Caritas International confederation. Through this work s/he helps extend the reach and impact of CAFOD’s programmes in delivering positive and lasting change for some of the world’s poorest communities.