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01 Sep 2005 description

This document is intended to reflect on C-SAFE's collective experience with exit strategies, improve our understanding, and provide guidance to NGO staff for developing effective exit strategies in the field.

30 Apr 2005 description

"Food security programming through collaboration & learning"

The Consortium for Southern Africa Food Security Emergency (C-SAFE) is nearing the end of its third year of implementation for a coordinated 'developmental relief' program in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. C-SAFE Malawi transitioned to a Development Assistance Program (DAP) in October 2004. C-SAFE responds to the immediate food security crisis with targeted food assistance to vulnerable groups, including households affected by HIV/AIDS.

20 Apr 2005 description


The Consortium for the Southern Africa Food Security Emergency (C-SAFE) is currently implementing the final year of a three-year 'developmental relief' program. C-SAFE's strategic objectives include: 1) to improve/maintain nutritional status; 2) to protect productive assets; and 3) to support households and communities to strengthen their resilience to current and future food security shocks that affect their wellbeing and livelihoods1.