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31 May 2011 description


Los derechos humanos no desaparecen en el momento en que ocurre un terremoto, un huracán o un tsunami. Después del tsunami en el Océano Índico, el terremoto en Haití y en muchas otras situaciones de desastre, hemos observado que durante los esfuerzos de socorro y recuperación, la protección de los derechos humanos gana importancia, ya que puede salvaguardar la dignidad de las personas afectadas. Las personas son de lo más vulnerables en momentos de crisis, por lo tanto la prevención de la discriminación y el abuso es vital.

28 Feb 2011 description

Prepared for UNHCR Bellagio Roundtable, 22-26 February 2011

By Elizabeth Ferris

"The commonality of climate change as a driver is an insufficient rationale for grouping together a disparate array of displacement scenarios and proceeding to discuss policy responses in generic terms."

While there is growing interest in the issue of climate change and displacement, there doesn't seem to be consensus about the 'entry point' into the debate.

15 Feb 2011 description


In many situations of armed conflict, humanitarian aid organizations are prevented from providing assistance and protection to civilians in need. Sometimes the aid groups are blocked by authorities, sometimes by non-state actors.

20 Jan 2011 description

Poverty reduction lies at the core of the global development challenge. For the international development community, this objective serves not only as a source of motivation, but as a defining theme across its work. Many of the world's most prominent aid organizations cite poverty reduction as their overarching goal.

But while our common goal of poverty reduction is never disputed, we find it remarkably difficult to measure whether it is happening, and if so how fast.

10 Jan 2011 description


One year since the earthquake that devastated Haiti, the government and people of Haiti continue to experience a multitude of hardships. Massive displacement, a devastated infrastructure and the recent outbreak of cholera have all spurred the international humanitarian community into action.