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18 Jul 2018 description
  1. July 2018 by Elena Ostanina

The armed conflict between Ukrainian authorities and Russia-backed militias in the Ukrainian Donbass region has already led to some 10,000 killed and 25,000 wounded civilians. Partly landmines are the cause.

27 Jun 2018 description

by Nóra Köves

The Hungarian Government has voted on new legislation and a seventh amendment to the country’s Fundamental Law that would further deteriorate refugee people's rights and justify the imprisonment of NGO workers and attorneys who attempt to help them. The new legislation is just another step on the road to becoming an authoritarian regime and silencing the most critical voices as well as strengthening the governing parties' successful "freedom fight" against their allegedly biggest enemies, the immigrants.

11 Nov 2017 description


In 2015 when I returned to Cambodia to speak during Holocaust Remembrance Day, it was a gift to cross paths with Ali Al-Nasani, the Country Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. Our fateful meeting led to a friendship inspired by common interests of me- mory, healing, and trauma. Hours, then weeks, then a year of ongoing discussion ulti- mately took form as a weeklong conference in 2016 titled Dealing With the Past: Engaging in the Present. This publication is the tangible product of that event.

08 Aug 2017 description

by Weeda Mehran

Afghanistan has been described as the world’s most dangerous country for women. Many civil society organisations working on women’s rights claim that violence against women (VAW) is on the rise in the country. VAW takes many forms, and has complex and deep roots in the patriarchal culture of the Afghan society. One form of VAW is denying them access to food. This discrimination can be derived from patriarchal norms and the legal system.

03 Aug 2017 description

How ASEAN deals with forced migrants shows in how far it is actually people-centered and people-oriented. This vulnerable group used to be integrated in the past. However, today it appears integration efforts are not truly inclusive.

By Andika Ab. Wahab

This article is part of our dossier 50 years of ASEAN – Still waiting for social and ecological justice.