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22 Sep 2010 description


The recent conflict in Kosovo is often referred to as a unique case study for several reasons: the factors that contributed to the sudden rise of the Albanians' armed insurgency movement in the mid- to late-1990s; the heavy involvement of the international community, climaxing in the armed intervention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) against a sovereign state - Serbia/Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY); and the subsequent establishment of the international protectorate in Kosovo, led by the United Nations (UN) in concert with the NATO Kosovo Force …

01 Jun 2010 description

Contributors to this Dialogue aim to go beyond the divide and polarising language of "peace versus justice" in order to gain a clearer understanding of the potential - and limits - of bringing together human rights and conflict transformation in specific contexts.

15 Apr 2010 description
  1. Introduction

    According to ripeness theory, the prospects of reaching peace without first experiencing the futility of violence are poor. Matters become more complicated when identity conflicts turn this sentence on its head. Resorting to violence after experiencing the futility of peace is an idea that starts to dominate the logic of protracted conflicts, whose zero-sum character defies being ripe to win and let win. Reaching for peace when peace itself has become a source of conflict does not only mean that its prospects are poor.

01 Sep 2009 description

What is this Policy Brief about?

Experience has shown that mediation contributes positively to solving violent conflict. In order to improve mediation practice and support activities this brief takes a specific perspective on mediation through the lenses of conflicting parties.