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18 Jul 2011 description

Rapid Assessment of Last Week Heavy Rain District of Balochistan (Musa Khail)

Please see attachment.

08 Sep 2010 description

Background of the Report

This report is being written in response to the services of Balochistan boy scouts carried out in recent floods which struck eastern Balochistan districts of in the districts of Barkhan, Kohlu, Sibi, Jaffarabad, Naseerabad and Jhal Magsi.

The floods have destroyed several villages in the districts of Barkhan, Kohlu and Sibi. All the villages of the Jaffarabad, Naseerabad and Jhal Magsi districts were completely destroyed by recent floods.

12 Aug 2010 description

District Barkhan is facing the monsoon raining since third week of month 22, July,2010 which proves very dangerous for the lives, property and animal. This rain was recorded on 88 m.m.

The major Damage occurred due to continuously raining is that, the BibarTuk Dam Broken which is situated 10 kilometer away from Barkhan.

The Rain water changed into flood and killed 20 person including women & children's and 30 are still missing. The flood has washed the roads & the highly effected areas are cutt off from Districts .