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21 Sep 2009 description
report Barred net


Road rehabilitation and sand dune prevention haven't been given attention during the last two decades due to lack of strong central government even though some of the international and UN agencies have given a considerable attention to the road transportation and communication of the regions specially the roads that connect important agricultural regions, towns and villages.

But some of these agricultural and fishing communities yet have to receive such kind of essential intervention which are very important for the agricultural and fishing produce to get easy market …

15 Sep 2009 description
report Barred net
Ref: 171/Barred/09

Barret-Net is one of the local organizations in the country recently conducted a survey over several coastal regions affected by the Tsunami storm. The survey lasted for 17 days and performed by teams from the local organization to submit fact finding to the main sectors of the fisher families whose main subsistence depended on the marine production.