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30 Nov 2018 description

The rise of water level in Padma river during the first two weeks of last September caused major damage to the riverbank which led to collapse of embankments. In Naria and Zajira upazilas, an estimated 8,710 families or approximately 43,550 people have been displaced, all their houses were washed away.

17 Jun 2018 description

This is not a list of messages to be read aloud to the community. Instead, field workers are encouraged to use this information to inform discussions with community members. These discussions should be as participatory as possible and allow time for questions and discussions of answers.

We encourage all field workers to:

  • Listen to the concerns and worries about cyclone early warning coming from communities. Cyclones can be a frightening concept and individuals may have different needs.

26 May 2018 description

This framework illustrates an inclusive approach to the Federation-wide humanitarian response to the population movement from Rakhine state, in Myanmar, to Bangladesh, as well as the role of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and Movement-wide coordination.


13 Mar 2018 description

1. The Partnership Meeting at a glance

The scale and speed of people fleeing violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar, and seeking shelter and protection in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, has created one of the most critical, complex and challenging crises in the region in decades.

22 Dec 2017 description

This guide highlights the necessity of providing timely and relevant during disasters, as well as encouraging the use of live/phone-in programs, and is useful for those working on health, education, and agriculture issues along with disaster management, who are interested in conducting live/phone-in programs.

It has been produced by the Bangldesh Red Crescent Society and the International Federation of the Red Cross.

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