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01 Feb 2017 description
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In January 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the December 2016 amendment to Thailand’s Computer Crime Act of 2007 (the Amended Act) for its compliance with international freedom of expression standards. The Amended Act is currently awaiting the endorsement of King Maha Vajiralongkorn. ARTICLE 19 has previously reviewed the 2007 Act and called on the Thai Government to amend it.

23 Dec 2016 description
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In December 2016, ARTICLE 19 analysed the draft Interfaith Harmonious Coexistence Law (the draft Law), proposed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture of Myanmar, for its compliance with international human rights standards.


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24 May 2018 description
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ARTICLE 19 is the leading international NGO that promotes and protects freedom of expression and access to information across the world. Through our focus on developing and enforcing international standards and domestic legislation, the empowerment of civil society and practical actions on the ground, we deliver a unique contribution to the protection of human rights, democratisation and development process.