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APOPO is a social enterprise that researches, develops and implements detection rats technology for humanitarian purposes such as Mine Action and Tuberculosis detection. APOPO is a Belgian NGO, with headquarters in Tanzania and operations in Mozambique, Thailand, Angola and Cambodia.

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20 Nov 2018 description
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By Michael Heiman | Country Program Manager, APOPO Mine Action Cambodia

APOPO is now clearing minefields near Preah Vihear temple.

APOPO is delighted to announce support from the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that allows for the expansion of the Cambodia landmine clearance program into the province of Preah Vihear.

18 Jun 2018 description
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Update on rat reinforcements in Angola.

It has been an exciting month for the mine detection rat (MDR) team in Angola as they welcomed 16 new landmine detecting HeroRATs on May 11th. Angolan MDR Supervisor Alfredo Adamo eagerly received the rats and was very pleased to report that they arrived in good health and settled easily into their new home in Uíge Province about 300 kilometers from the capital city of Luanda.

09 Mar 2018 description
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UK support trains 16 HeroRATs for mine detection in Angola.

About a year ago sixteen baby HeroRATs were chosen from the APOPO breeding center in Tanzania to be trained as landmine detection rats. With the support of the Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery (UK), these rats have now successfully completed their training and are being prepared to move to their new home in northwestern Angola.

05 Jan 2018 description
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On December 13, 2017, Sri Lanka joined the Ottawa treaty banning antipersonnel landmines.

This makes Sri Lanka the 163rd country to become a State Party to the Convention.

Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) is a tropical island in South Asia that lies off the southern tip of India. In 1983 a long Sri Lankan civil war arose out of ethnic tensions between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority in the northeast. In 2009, after 26 years, the devastating conflict finally ended allowing for the healing and reintegration process that Sri Lanka needs to thrive as a nation.

13 Dec 2017 description
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APOPO’s Pioneering HeroRATs Expand to a Total of 57 Clinics and Hospitals supported by Tanzania’s Health Authorities

MOROGORO, Tanzania — APOPO is proud to announce its Tuberculosis Detection Rats program is expanding from the current 29 partner clinics in Tanzania to a total of 57. The expansion exhibits confidence in the program by Tanzanian health officials.