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04 Dec 2015 description

Medical facilities in the newly liberated Iraqi town of Sinjar are virtually non-existent and urgent action is needed to rectify the situation.

This is the view of an AMAR Emergency Assessment Team which visited the town today and was shocked by what they found.

20 Jun 2014 description

We are launching an urgent appeal for funds to send our teams to help hundreds of thousands of people currently fleeing the violence in Iraq.

Any help given supports internally displaced men, women and children throughout Iraq as a result of the recent violence.

The situation is expected to worsen over the coming weeks, and AMAR's team of doctors, medical staff, and skilled volunteers are being sent to refugee camps in the north to help those most in need. AMAR's Regional Manager, Dr. Ali Muthanna, has identified the immediate priorities that we will focus on as:

02 Aug 2012 description

Doctors and health professionals from across the UK have been donating medical journals to the AMAR Foundation to forward on to colleagues in Iraq. These journals are an invaluable source of information on advances in medical and scientific techniques, which allow medical professionals and medical students to enhance their training and knowledge.

15 Aug 2006 description

Lebanon Crisis Emergency Humanitarian Response

The current situation

Following the sudden onset of conflict in Lebanon, a serious humanitarian crisis is rapidly emerging. 1 million people have been displaced; abandoning their homes to escape the violence. Hundreds more have been killed or injured in the fighting.

There is an urgent need for medical care in those areas devastated by the aerial, naval and ground-based attacks, as well as in the make-shift refugee camps populated by those who have lost their homes and have been left with little or no access to essential services.

15 Nov 2005 description

AMAR reacted immediately to the earthquake in South Asia, looking at the best way to use the expertise gained in 20 months of working in Bam, Iran, after the earthquake there. A self-sufficient team with specific experience of the aftermath of the Bam earthquake, including a doctor, a midwife and a sanitary engineer, was put together. AMAR was invited by the Pakistan Ministry of Health to mobilise the team, working in conjunction with the World Health Organistion.

The team is now working in Muzaffarabad, in the Abbas Medical Institution.