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21 Apr 2018 description

On the fourth Friday of the “Great Return March”, Israeli occupation forces opened fire at hundreds of Palestinians joining demonstrations along the border of the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces continued the practice of employing excessive and lethal force against unarmed protesters, journalists and paramedics. Four protesters were killed on Friday, 20 April 2018, including a child. Another 136 others were injured, including 18 children, four women, two paramedics, and one journalist. Of those injured, 60 suffered wounds from live fire, and two are in critical condition.

19 Apr 2018 description

Adalah, Al Mezan & Physicians for Human Rights-Israel file pre-petition motion to the attorney general demanding Israel let 56-year-old Rashad Baba transfer to Nablus hospital.

Following the emergency intervention of three human rights organizations, a seriously wounded 56-year-old man has just been authorized to leave Gaza for life-saving medical treatment in the West Bank.

19 Apr 2018 description

Fayza Shamia, 50, waited for around two years for permission to cross Erez and access medical treatment for breast cancer at the Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem. She died on Monday, only a few hours after receiving a Gaza exit-permit from Israeli authorities. Shamia is a victim of the 11-year illegal closure of Gaza, a central policy of which is movement restrictions on Gaza’s residents, with limited exceptions. The health sector has been crippled by three massive military bombardments in recent years and over a decade of stifling closure.

16 Apr 2018 description

Three justices ruled unanimously that Yousef Al-Kronz, who already had one leg amputated last week after being shot by Israeli troops, must be allowed to leave Gaza for Ramallah hospital to save remaining leg.

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled today, 16 April 2018, that a Palestinian youth shot and wounded by Israeli troops during the 30 March protests, who has already lost one leg to amputation, must be permitted to leave the Gaza Strip for urgent medical care in Ramallah to save his remaining leg.

14 Apr 2018 description

Despite international condemnation, Israeli occupation forces opened fire at hundreds of unarmed Palestinian protesters who demonstrated along the border fence of the Gaza Strip on the third Friday of the “Great Return March”. Palestinian journalists, medical staff, and paramedics wearing distinct uniforms were targeted. Israeli forces employed lethal and other excessive force against the crowds, killing one protester and injuring 482, including 96 children, 13 women, 18 paramedics, and three journalists. One of the journalists was seriously injured.

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