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10 Aug 2018 description

International non-government organisations (INGOs) in Yemen strongly condemn horrific Coalition airstrikes on a bus transporting school children in Yemen yesterday. This bombing follows an unacceptable trend of attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure by parties to Yemen’s conflict. The killing of dozens of children has escalated the depravity of a war creating untold loss and destruction for people in Yemen.   

06 Aug 2018 description

We, the undersigned humanitarian and human rights organisations, strongly condemn the major attacks that hit a fish market and the entrance to Yemen's largest hospital, Al Thawra, in Hodeidah on 2 August, which reportedly killed over 40 civilians, including children. Hospitals are protected under International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and parties to the conflict are obliged to do everything possible to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, as the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Lise Grande, emphasised in her condemnation of the attack.

03 Aug 2018 description


On 23rd September 2017, the activity level for Monaro volcano on Ambae Island (Penama Province) in Vanuatu was raised to Level 4 , which reflected a moderate state of eruption state. Communities began to experience volcanic hazards including flying rocks and volcanic gas, as well as ash-fall and acid-rain, which caused significant damage to garden crops. From 24th September, evacuations began for people living in high risk areas on Ambae and a state of emergency was declared until 24 October 2018.

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28 Jun 2018 description


Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Rise Against Hunger (RAH), and Islamic Relief USA (IR USA) are spearheading a 3-year* school feeding initiative in Southern Africa to provide relief to communities devastated by the El Niño drought and support them on their road to recovery. The initiative targets Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

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