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19 Feb 2003 description
report Action Medeor

The German medical aid organization action medeor is sending a first aid package to northern Iraq.

21 Jan 2002 description
report Action Medeor

On the weekend action medeor employees packed medication and equipment to be sent immediately to affected areas near Goma where lava flows have caused widespread destruction. 400.000 people have been displaced from one day to the next. Due to a lack of clean drinking water, the danger of outbreaks of dysentery and cholera is acute. People have resorted to drinking water from lake Kivu, which is tainted by lava and ashes.

19 Nov 2001 description
report Action Medeor

Norbert Vloet of action medeor visited two camps in Afghanistan along the south-western border to Iran. The conditions are especially harsh for the refugees living in the Maqaqi camp which had been under Taliban control until a few days ago. Many children and newborns are suffering under severe malnutrition. action medeor is in the process of organizing a supply of baby food to be delivered as quickly as possible. Over 8 000 registered and unregistered refugees are living in the camp. Diarrhoea and respiratory diseases are rampant.

09 Nov 2001 description
report Action Medeor

Norbert Vloet of action medeor is on his way to a refugee camp named "Mile 46" in the Nimruz province in south-west Afghanistan. He is taking along 100 kilograms of medicine and is travelling with aid workers from the organization Humedica, who are providing mobile medical treatment to the 10.000 or more refugees living in and near the camp.