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09 Aug 2018 description

Another strong earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 has hit Indonesia's Lombok island, causing some buildings to collapse, according to witnesses and Geoscience Australia.

It's the third big quake to hit Lombok in little over a week.

Buildings still standing on the island have been weakened after Sunday's 6.9 quake that killed at least 131 people and a 6.4 quake on July 29 that killed 16.

08 Aug 2018 description

Key points:
- The death toll from the earthquake hits 110 and is expected to rise
- Two people have been found alive, along with three bodies at the Jabal Nur Mosque
- At least 4,600 foreign and Indonesian tourists have also been evacuated

Rescuers in Lombok have pulled people alive from the rubble two days after a devastating earthquake struck the Indonesian island, while thousands left homeless in the worst-affected areas continue to wait for aid to arrive.

31 Jul 2018 description

By Sophie McNeill, Sashka Koloff and Patricia Drum

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen says his country is "preparing" to receive more refugees from Australia in a controversial deal that has already been labelled a failure and cost the Federal Government almost $50 million.

Speaking exclusively to Four Corners, Hun Sen said he told Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that Cambodia is ready to "accept more" refugees from Australia's offshore detention centres.

27 Jul 2018 description

By Nick Fogarty and Catherine Graue

Key points:

  • About 11,000 people live on Ambae island

  • The Vanuatu Government has agreed to evacuate all residents

  • Hundreds have already left voluntarily as situation worsens

The population of an entire island in Vanuatu is set to be evacuated for the second time in less than a year because of an erupting volcano.

24 Jul 2018 description

By Anne Barker and south-east Asia correspondent Liam Cochrane, wires

Key points:
- The floods have swept away homes and left more than 6,600 people homeless
- The company on Monday warned the dam was unsafe because of overflows from recent rains
- The dam project was still under construction and scheduled to begin operating this year

State media in Laos says several people are dead and hundreds missing after a dam wall collapsed in the country's south, sending millions of tonnes of water into surrounding villages.