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Southern Africa Weekly Report (21st - 27th July 2015)


Regional Overview

Agricultural production in Southern Africa has been affected by poor rains and floods. Cereal harvest has decreased by 11 per cent from 42 million tons in 2014 to 38 million tons in 2015. Production of non-cereal food crops was also negatively impacted. Demand and supply analysis shows that the region (excluding Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles) recorded an overall cereal deficit of 6.21 million tons for 2015/16 marketing year. Only three countries recorded maize surpluses: South Africa (0.3 million tons), Tanzania (0.8 million tons) and Zambia (0.9 million tons).
Maize prices in the surplus-producing countries have remained higher than international benchmarks since August 2013 and are projected to remain above average in South Africa, which has implications on maize prices in the structurally deficit countries relying on imports of maize from South Africa. Information on food and livelihood insecurity in the region is expected within the next few weeks.

Campaigning for municipal elections, which is to be held on 31 July, continues without incident.


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