Yemen - Tropical Cyclone CHAPALA - ECHO Daily Map | 03/11/2015



• Tropical Cyclone CHAPALA reached the coast of Shabwa and Hadramaut governorates (Yemen) in the morning of 3 November, with max. sustained winds of 120-140 km/h. After it started moving inland over Shabwa governorate, weakening. CHAPALA affected Socotra island, as well as Hadramaut, Shabwa and Abyan governorates with strong winds, very heavy rains (annual average < 50 mm in coastal areas of Yemen), storm surge and high waves.

• As of 3 November morning, there is no information about the inland situation, while in Socotra island at least two persons died, over 200 were injured, 80 houses were destroyed and over 100 damaged.

• Over the next 48 h heavy rains may still affect several areas of southern and central Yemen, with the risk of landslides and floods.

Relevant Tropical Cyclones in YEMEN 2005-2015

Tropical Cyclones are rare in Yemen. In 2008 a Tropical Depression (ARB 02) crossed Socotra island and made landfall near Al Mukalla. Very heavy rains affected Yemen, causing floods that killed over 180 people. The governorates most affected were Hadramaut and Mahra.