Yemen - Recent Cholera Cases, Food Insecurity and Population Displacement - DG ECHO Daily Map | 17/05/2017

  • The cholera outbreak is rapidly spreading in Yemen, with reported cases tripling over the last week. Since April 27, 11 000 suspected cholera cases have been reported across 18 governorates in Yemen. At least 180 people have reportedly died from the acute diarrhoeal disease, with local media reporting at least 115 of those have died in Sana'a city and governorate. According to media, 213 cholera cases are laboratory-confirmed.

  • On 14 May, local health authorities in Sana'a declared a state of emergency in Sana'a over cholera, and called for international support. Likewise, aid agencies have called for additional mobilization of resources to scale up their assistance urgently, and have qualified the outbreak as 'entriely preventable', blaming the Yemen blockade and economic crisis. The Cholera Task Force (CTF) has been reactivated by the MoPHP with support from WHO and UNICEF.

  • This is the second wave of cholera-associated deaths in a year in Yemen, where more than 8 million people lack access to drinking water and sanitation, and where barely 45% of health facilities are functional.