Yemen + 2 more

Yemen Crisis - Internal Displacement and Cross-Border Movements - ECHO Daily Map | 12/6/2015


  • On 8 and 9 May, intensive airstrikes were carried out across Sa’ada, Amran, Hajjah and Sana’a governorates. On 10 May, more airstrikes targeted the runway of Sana’a airport and the residence of former president Saleh. During airstrikes there were reported at least four people killed and ten injured in Sa'daa, and three more people killed in Amran.

  • Massive displacement is taking place from Sa’ada governorate as Saudi Arabia asked civilians to leave. As of 9 May, local authorities reported that at least 4,000 families have arrived in Amran and up to 2,500 families in Sana’a. Numbers of new arrivals in Hajjah and Hodeida governorates have not yet been published. Due to huge number of the displaced people, host communities are unable to cope and IDPs have been sheltered in public buildings, schools and universities.

  • The Saudis and the Houthis have in principle agreed to a 5-day humanitarian pause. The 5-day truce will allow humanitarian agencies to import humanitarian supplies and deliver assistance to people in need. Meanwhile, heavy clashes continued in Aden, Dhale, Marib and al-Jawf.

  • According to Amnesty International, coalition airstrikes are causing large numbers of civilian deaths. Amnesty reported “at least 139 people, including at least 97 civilians (33 children) were killed during these strikes, and 460 individuals were injured (at least 157 of whom are civilians). Airstrikes and shelling have also destroyed or damaged hospitals, schools, universities, airports, mosques, food transport vehicles, factories, petrol stations, telephone networks, electricity power stations and stadiums.”.

  • Partners are preparing to respond to the new IDP influx in Amran and Sana’a with food rations, non-food items, shelter kits, water tanks, water trucking and mobile clinics. On 7 and 8 May, 28,000 people were reached with food assistance in Amran and Sana’a and another 18,000 people received food assistance on 9 May. In the south, assistance is being delivered to IDPs in Buraiqa (Aden) and in Abyan, Lahj and Dhale governorates.