Yemen - Crisis – ECHO Daily Map | 14/09/2015

Yemen - Conflict

  • The conflict continues to intensify as Sa'ada governate, the Houthis stronghold, is the target of the majority of bombardments, with massive levels of destruction reported.

  • Heavy fighting continues in Taiz. Water, sanitation and health services in the city have collapsed, depriving 300 000 people access to basic services. Only 3 out of 21 hospitals are still able to provide emergency services. No humanitarian convoy has been able to enter the city yet.

  • 1.8 million children are suffering from malnutrition, which is 1 million increase since 2014, according to UNICEF.

  • Access to ports along the Red Sea coast remains seriously constrained by the coalition, drastically limiting imports to the country. The UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism aiming at facilitating importation is set to become operational upon sufficient funding.

  • The commercial shipment report shows that only 12% of the monthly fuel needs have been imported in August, compared to 69% in July. The country relies on imports for 90% of its food needs, 100% of medicines and 70% of its fuel needs.