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Yemen - Complex emergency (ECHO Daily Map | 16/4/2015)



Airstrikes continue unabated in 18 out of the 22 Yemeni governorates. Localized conflict between different parties on the ground has spread to 9 governates, mainly in the south of the country. In Marib, fighting has recently broken out between Houthi fighters and pro-Islah tribes. For both sides, control of Marib is key as it contains Yemen’s major oil and electricity infrastructure.

• The first MIRA assessments coordinated by OCHA in Hajjah and Aden governorates highlighted safety, food, water and shelter as main priorities.
Hajjah governorate is severely affected by internal displacement, hosting IDPs from Sa’ada, as well as from within Hajjah. Aden has been under siege for more than three weeks, leaving residents without access to food, water and basic healthcare services.

Protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure remains of grave concern.
According to the latest WHO figures, 731 people were killed and 2,754 injured between 19 March and 12 April 2015. OHCRC reported that 8 hospitals, 17 schools, 5 mosques, 3 airports, the power station in Sa’ada, as well as factories and farmlands have been hit since the escalation of conflict.

• Despite major challenges, humanitarian organizations continue to respond wherever possible. On 15 April, WFP started food distribution to 105,000 internally displaced people in Aden, Lahj,
Abyan and Shabwa.

Port of Aden: strategic point for the flow of oil
Fuel shortage: continues throughout Yemen, severely affecting most sectors, including water/food supply, health, transport and electricity.
Population: highly impacted from fuel/water/food shortage