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Somalia, Yemen - Tropical Cyclone MEGH and CHAPALA - ECHO Daily Map | 06/11/2015



• According to the latest reports the Tropical Cyclone CHAPALA affected southern Yemen, causing eight fatalities and at least 40 people injured in Hadramaut Governorate. Another three people were killed and more than 200 were injured in Socotra island. The areas most affected by CHAPALA were Socotra island, Shabwah and Hadramaut governorates in Yemen where 44 000 people are already displaced. Also CHAPALA affected areas of northeastern Somalia where it destroyed houses, sunk fishing boats and displaced hundreds of people

• UN convoys with humanitarian supplies were expected to move from Aden and Sana’a for Mukalla on 5 November. Besides, humanitarian cargo is being shipped by sea from Djibouti to Aden. Air transport is currently being assessed to airlift humanitarian goods to Socotra Island.

• A new Tropical Cyclone MEGH is moving west over the Arabian Sea, strengthening.
On 6 November at 6.00 UTC, it had max. sustained wind speed of 83 km/h and its centre was located approx. 800 km east of Socotra island.

• Over the next 24 h MEGH is forecast to continue moving west, towards Socotra island and northern Somalia, strengthening further. According to the latest forecast, it may reach Socotra on 8 November with max. sustained winds of the order of 140-150 km/h, however the uncertainty of the forecast track and intensity is still high. Heavy rain and strong wind may affect Socotra island and northern Somalia over 8-10 November.