World | Temperature Anomalies in October 2020 - DG ECHO Daily Map | 27/11/2020

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Globally, October 2020 was the third warmest October on record, about 0.62°C warmer than the 1981-2010 average for October.
Temperatures were much higher than the reference period average for October over many of continental land areas and islands north of the Arctic Circle, contributing to negative Arctic ice concentration anomalies.
Higher than average temperatures were reported also over the Tibetan Plateau, western USA, most of Paraguay, Bolivia and southern Brazil, and were experienced in Namibia and other countries in southern Africa. Much of the rest of Africa also had above-average temperatures. A large part of East Antarctica, especially the Ross Ice Shelf, experienced substantially warmer than average temperatures.
Below average temperatures in October were recorded over central USA and southern Canada,
Iran, Central Asia, north, and eastern China, South-East Asia. Temperatures were colder than average over a substantial part of Antarctica, especially over the Ronne Ice Shelf, and central Australia.