World | Temperature Anomalies in July 2021 – DG ECHO Daily Map | 23/08/2021


Globally, the average temperature for July 2021 was 0.33 C warmer than the 1991-2020 average for July. This month joins July 2020 as the third warmest July on record, less than 0.1 C cooler than July 2019 and July 2016.

During this month, temperatures were warmer than average over most of northern and eastern Europe. An all time record for daily maximum temperature was reported in Northern Ireland, as reported by the UK Met Office. Temperatures were much above average over eastern Iceland and parts of eastern Greenland, while heatwave conditions were especially severe in south and south eastern Europe at the end of July 2021.

Warmer than average conditions extended eastward from Europe across most of Asia (except for north western Russia, and Tibetan Plateau). Temperatures were also higher than normal over North and central Africa, the Middle East, most of Australia, and particularly warmer over the western USA, central and western Canada, and Patagonia.

There were several regions of below average temperatures, especially southern USA, northern Mexico, eastern Canada, the Horn of Africa, Yemen, Oman, southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, and southern Africa.