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World Temperature Anomalies in July 2020 | DG ECHO Daily Map | 12/08/2020


  • Globally, July 2020 was the third warmest July, behind 2016 and 2019 respectively according to the Climate Copernicus data record.

  • Warm temperatures were registered over the eastern Siberian coast, the Canadian Archipelago, western Antarctica and northern Hudson Bay. These regions saw limited sea ice formation during winter and unusually early melting of Arctic sea ice.

  • Temperatures were also above average over the Iberian Peninsula and extended south over north-western Africa. Eastern Canada and the south / south-western USA also reported high temperature anomalies.

  • It was notably colder than average over northern Alaska and the far north-west of Canada, southern Argentina and Chile, inland southern Africa, central Russia and Siberia, and regions of China and Japan that experienced heavy rainfall and flooding in July as well as in June.