World | Temperature Anomalies in April 2021 - DG ECHO Daily Map | 26/05/2021


The global average temperature for April 2021 was about 0.2ºC higher than the 1991-2020 average for April. Globally, April 2021 was warmer than any April prior to 2010, but colder than the same month in 2010 and the 2016-2020 period.

During this month, temperatures were colder than the average reference period over most of Europe (with the exception of the western Iberian Peninsula).

Other regions of the world with below-average temperatures include Alaska and northern Canada, most of eastern Siberia and most of China, most of Australia, West Antarctica (with the exception of the Antarctic Peninsula), and parts of East Antarctica.

Temperatures were much higher than average over northeastern Canada and Greenland, western Siberia, Central Asia, parts of the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula, northwestern and southern Africa, Argentina and southern Chile, southwestern Australia, and parts of East Antarctica.