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World - Severe weather events - ECHO Daily Map | 05/01/2016

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• Heavy rain and thunderstorms affected several parts of the country with worst affected the states of Missouri and Illinois, over the past weeks causing flooding and river overflowing.
• Media reported 29 people dead and thousands displaced, while on 2 January the Governor declared a State of Emergency and activated the National Guard for Missouri.

• Heavy rain has been affecting several areas of Latin America, mostly the countries of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, over the passed weeks causing floods.
• Media reported more than 150 000 people have been displaced and at least eight people have died in all four countries.

• The heavy rainfall that affected Kenya during the October-December (2015) Short Rain season triggered flash floods, river overflow and landslides in most of the country. The IFRC reports that 112 people died as a consequence, while over 100 000 were displaced and around 240 000 affected in total, mostly along Tana, Nyando and Nyatike rivers.
• Light to moderate rainfall is forecast in the eastern, central and southern areas of Kenya over the next 24 h.

• Tropical Cyclones MELOR and TWENTYNINE both brought heavy rain on their path and were further intensified by the northeast monsoon. The intense rain has caused severe flooding in many parts of the country over the second half of December affecting millions and displacing thousands of people.

• Heavy rain has been affecting several parts of both UK and Ireland over the past month causing floods and rivers to overflow.
• Media reported over two people dead, several damaged homes and power outages in many areas.